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Work Program

WP1 Project management and coordination

Leader: TUV, Prof. V. Valchev , Participants: all


  • Work plan validation;
  • Leveling of concepts;
  • Presentation of the specific work packages and leaders;
  • Establishment of work basis and conceptual structure;
  • Decisions about evaluation and evaluators, about management and coordination, organization of the Next activities;
  • Financial and administrative management.

There will be 4 meetings of the Steering Committee

WP2 Creation of stakeholders’ network and survey of target groups’ needs

Leader: P2 Embrace , Dirk Bischof , Participants: all

  • Setting up local stakeholder networks in all partners countries;
  • Survey of the target groups’ needs;
  • Identifying the subjects to be involved in the e-learning content regarding the target groups’ needs. ‘Needs analysis handbook’ developed:  final aggregated report on all partner countries needs in WET;
  • Hold a workshop dedicated to needs analysis;

WP3 Transfer and adaptation of innovations in wind energy technologies

Leader: P1 FFER , Idoia Arteta Gorriz , Participants: all


  • Transfer of the materials from the e-WindTech project (FFER) - five training units which contain both theoretical explanations as well as descriptive photographs and drawings;
  • Development of additional materials not included in the transferred content: subjects, regarding basic knowledge of renewable energy, especially necessary for the citizens;
  • Adaptation and translation of the courses based on the needs analysis (WP2); Organization of the materials related to the structure of the courses based on the e-learning methodology;
  • Translation of the assembled new e-learning courses into English, Bulgarian, Spanish, Dutch
  • Preparation of interactive CD-ROM with the content of the courses in English;

WP4 Establishment of e-learning platform - TCMS (Training Content Management System)

Leader: TUV, Dr. E. Bekov, Participants: P0, P1, P2 and P3


  • Design and Establishment of the e-learning platform;
  • Establishment of a specialized hosting server; Installment of TCMS;
  • Assign, modify, and create roles and access of the administrator and users;
  • Uploading and setting up the courses and competence measuring tool in the platform;
  • Configure TCMS for accessibility, localization, and customize module settings;
  • Configure courses, enrolment and authentication mechanisms;
  • Configure the competence measuring software tool transferred from P3 Syntra West;
  • Administration of the e-learning platform and the project website;

WP5 Verification and feedbacks based improvement

Leader: TUV, Dr. Angel Marinov, Participants: all


  • Training of trainers; Pilot course realization in BG and UK; Practical training of the trainees in the wind farms near Varna by the industrial partners ABC WindFarm Ltd and APPE;
  • Organization of a FORUM of discussion, suggestions and comments from all the users;
  • Identification study of the results and experience based on the feedbacks; Preparation of consolidated report on the quality of the course contents, suggestions and guidance for improvements;
  • Fine-tuning and improvement of the course contents and training approach;
  • Hold a workshop dedicated to the verification and improvement of the e-learning system;

WP6 Valorization of the project results

Leader: TUV, Prof. R. Dimova, Participants: all


  • Preparation of: four newsletters (200 copies); two video-clips; project’s blog & web-site installation; two annual types of brochures (500 copies) in all partner languages;
  • Organization of a Seminar - open for general public and business representative;
  • Participations in 3 EU conferences in the project’s field;
  • A Guidance ‘Vocational Training in Wind Energy Technologies - Good Practices’ containing the summary and essence of the obtained results, recommendations and future targets (CDs 200 copies);
  • Sustainability obtained by operating the e-learning platform beyond the completion of the project;
  • Continuing course adaptation and fine-tuning based on user feedback and comments;
  • Distributing information about the course to policy makers on national and EU level;

WP7 Monitoring and evaluation

Leader: TUV, Prof. I. Hadzidimov, Participants: all


  • Monitoring the quality and timing of project activities and deliverables;
  • Supervision of the progress of individual work-packages;
  • Suggestions on corrective measures if required;
  • Ensuring sustainability of the project after its completion;
  • Internal and External Evaluation of project against project base-line;
  • Implementation of overall Evaluation Strategy (including contracting of external evaluators within first 2 months and implementation of internal evaluation plan of the project;


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