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История на катедра ЕТЕТ 

Department of "Electrical and power technologies" has created a successor to 01.09.1964 year department "Electrical machines and apparatus," which was originally a staff number one assistant and a technician.

Academic year 1964/65 year was characterized by intensive work to build a laboratory in a converted gymnasium Vince, now University of Economics. In the next year the department has prepared and conducted laboratory exercises: "Power Machines", "electric micromachines", "special course in electric machines", "Fundamentals of elektroaparatostroeneto", "Contactless Electrical Apparatus", "Total electricity trotehnika."
Laboratory facilities and the establishment of the first experimental settings is a great merit of Mr. Atanassov Krusty, Dr. Nikola Todorovski, nurse Nikola Ivanov, Prof. DSc Dimitar Dimitrov, Boyan Bangiev Eng, Ivan Kerchev, Dr. Stoyan Peltekov.
Number of staff of the Department E M A steadily and in 1968 was 14 people. With the entry into operation of the building of the Technical University Faculty of Electrical Engineering in 1968 after starting a new stage in the development of the department. Established and continuously perfecting basic laboratory electrical machinery, electrical equipment, power electronics and electric drive electrothermal processes and devices, electro devices, household appliances, switchgear and low voltage, Laboratory of Renewable Energy, Laboratory of Computational Engineering and CAD - systems.
As a result of the positive development of the Department and coverage in teaching and research work of modern trends in art from 1992 be trained on a new wide-specialty "Electronics and electrical technologies." This naturally leads to the need to change the name of the department, which by the Academic Council in 1999 is "Electronics and electrical technologies."

Significant contribution to the development of the department are its leaders
             Prof.. Nikola Todorovski - from 1964 to 1967;
             Prof. Petar Penchev - from 1967 to 1972;
             Prof. Senior Engineer Doncho. Donchev - from 1972 to 1990;
             Prof. Hristo Raev - from 1990 to 1993;
             Prof. Lyubomir Dimitrov - 1993 to 1997
             Prof. DSc Kontrov Sava - 1997