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Бакалавърски програми ЕТЕТ




Bachelors course in the department EEET

in subjects "Renewable energy sources" and "Electrotechnology"



IV Semester

Electro technologies                            

Ass. Prof. B.Aprahamian

Practice part 2                                   

Ass. T.Penev

Special practice                                  

Ch. Ass. Y.Slavova

Heat processes in electro technics

Ass. Prof. M. Panajotov

Practice part3

Ass. Prof.  G.Karagjozov



V Semester

Electrical devices part1                       

Ass. Prof. .M.Marinova

Electric machines part1                       

Ass. Prof..L.Dimitrov

Technical safety                                  

Ass. Prof. M.Jordanova

Transformational machines                  

Ass. Prof. G.Karagjozov

Electro thermal area                                       

Ass. Prof.Cr.Tachrilov

Digital/microprocessor machines in Electrical engineering

Ass. Prof.G.Karagjozov

VI Semester

Electrical devices part2                       

Ass. Prof. B.Dimitrov

Electric machines part2                       

Ass. Prof. L.Dimitrov

Computer modeling of electro technical devices

Ass. Prof. M.Marinova

Household electric devices

Ass. Prof. M.Panayotov

Electrothermia – special course

Ass. Prof. Hr.Tachrilov

Primary converters in electro mechanics

Ass. Prof. G. Karagyozov

Renewable energy sources

Ass. Prof. Hr. Tahrilov

Special practice

Ch. Ass. Y. Slavova

VII semester



Electrical devices part3                       

Ass. Prof. B.Dimitrov

Electric machines part3                       

Ass. Prof. Yordanov

Design of electro-mechanical devices – course project

Ass. Prof. L. Dimitrov

Design of electro-technological devices

Ass. Prof. Hr. Tahrilov

Electrical systems for management

Ass. Prof. G. Karagyozov

Design of electro-mechanical devices

Ass. Prof. L. Dimitrov

Solar energetics

Ass. Prof. Tahrilov

VIII semester

Electro-mechanical systems

Ass. Prof. L. Dimitrov

Tests and reliability in electrical engineering

Ass. Prof. M. Marinova

Diagnostic and repairs of electrical engineering devices

Ass. Prof. L. Dimitrov

Electrical engineering devices for ecological purposes

Ass. Prof. M. Panayotov

Technologies in electrical engineering and electronics

Ass. Prof. B. Aprahamian

Wind energetics

Ass. Prof. B. Dimitrov