IEEE Bulgarian section was approved on 24th of June 1995 with geocode R80075 after signing petition from 57 Bulgarian individual members of IEEE.

The students of specialty “Electronics” can use exclusively extensive library of technical periodicals issued by the World Organization of Engineering, Electrical Engineering IEEE. Laboratories have the latest reference and catalog literature.

Summer School "Design of Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing"

Annually conducts a summer school on "Design of integrated circuits and digital signal processing." The school is held in cooperation with ZMD, which recruits designers for their Design Center in Varna. Main participants are the students from specialties “Electronics” and “Communication technics and technologies, degree "Bachelor" - after 3 or 4 course and degree "Master" - 1 course. Students from specialties CST and AUIT can participate too. Participation in the school replaced student’s summer internship after 3rd year. During the first two weeks of lectures and laboratory exercises the following computer software products are used: Cadence, Xilinx (ISE, SG, CSP), TI Code Composer Studio. During the third week, the students develop independent projects.

Organized by Department of ETM, IEEE student branch and EDSSC Varna Chapter.

Лятна школа "Проектиране на интегрални схеми и цифрова обработка на сигнали"