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Elaborating the conditions, instrumentation and problems of the precision

agricultures in Northeastern Bulgaria


research team:


Assoc. prof. Radko Mhajlow

m. ass. Svetlozar Zahariev

m. ass. Svilen Hristov

m. ass. Kr. Zagorova

m. ass. D. Dimitrova

ass. A. Boeva

D. Dimitrov - student

P. Iancheva - student

T. Bilgin - student






            The research aims of that project are:

Ø  to observe the state of art of that wide spread in the world practice modern approach in agriculture productive activity, so called “precision agriculture”;

Ø  to elaborate the meaning to every one of elements, that formed content the approach;

Ø  to identify what kind of problems have in front the agricultural producers in application that proved successfully high productive way to obtain big yields quality production.


            The methods are used:

ü  by the method of comparison analyses to elaborate achievements the leading countries and world good practice in the field of precision agriculture;

ü  by the method of critical analyses to established and formulated problems of the application and achievements in the conditions of our country;

ü  the method of empiric investigation as well.



            Results are:

  • to be determined potential opportunities’ and advantages’ of wide spread application the approach precision agriculture;
  • to be determine optimal conditions which the agriculture firm have to answer for application the approach precision agriculture;
  • to gain benefit by the application of that way of work;
  • to be formulated recommendations from economical, organizational and practical character, that will help agriculture producer be oriented in the problems of precision agriculture and could take decision’s for the benefits for application in its practice.