Sv. Stoianov, PhD

·         Name: Svilen Stoianov;


·         Telephones: office: 052 604 712;


·         Education: Electrical engineer -autoimmunization of manufacturing, 1991;


·         Disciplines of delivering: Measurements in Electronics Technical servicing of Agricultural Machinery, Electrical Engineering and Electronics Measurements in Electronics

·         Scientific interests: Programming Flash, C++, Visual Basic, HTML, Mathematical modelig,

Scientific papers:

1.      Stoyanov S., Analysis of dispersion power load of cutting threads by tap, TU-Varna, 2010

  1. Stoyanov S., Measurement greater turning moment and axial forces by cutting threads on lathes, TU-Varna,2010
  2. Stoyanov S., Modern methods and facilities for research turning moment in agriculture and transport, TU-Varna,2011
  3. Gigov H., Stoyanov S., Strain gauge bridge converter with frequency output , EF-2011, vol. 2 page 63-72, Sozopol,2011
  4. Gigov H., Stoyanov S., “Signal condutioning circuit for strain gauge bridge with frequency output” TU-Varna,2010
  5. Stoyanov S., Research axial forces in drilling and threading, TU-Varna,2012
  6. Stoyanov S., Strain gauge bridge converter with frequency output, TU-Varna, Trird international scientific congress, 04-06.2012,Varna, vol 2, page 197-202