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Laboratory "Mechanical tests"

Laboratory  “Mechanical tests” function of the Department and always use is directly related to conducting training process has laboratory equipment that includes:
- Machines for mechanical testing of metals (tensile test, impact fracture test, bending, etc..) with maximum ranges up to 1, 2.5, 5, 10 and 40 t
- Testing machines of twisting metal and metal wire
- Equipment for hardness test - the methods Brinell, Vickers and Rockwell hardness and portable making use of the methods Poldy and Shore
- Machines for testing fatigue
 - Electric furnaces with a capacity of 4 kW of heat treatment and laboratory furnaces - 400 W
- Laboratory stands for research hardening steels for rolling and testing abrasion wear in sliding and rolling
- Magnetic and ultrasonic flaw detection devices and cracks
- Metallographic and biological microscopes.