PhD programs in scientific specialties "Technology of Engineering Materials"

Graduates of degree "Master" of the professional field 5.1. Mechanical engineering are allowed to continue their education degree "PhD" specialty "Technology of Engineering Materials" by research area "Engineering".

Doctoral training in scientific specialty "Technology of Engineering Materials" in accordance with the general regulations: Council of Ministers for approval to the number of undergraduate and graduate students, the Ordinance on the state requirements for admission and training of graduate students, Rules for acceptance and training of graduate students and acquiring educational and scientific degree "PhD" and scientific degree "Doctor of Science" at TU - Varna and Standard Technical University - Varna in connection with the training of graduate students, along with the attached form , documents and training programs.
Training is conducted in accredited by the National Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (NEAA) doctoral program in 2012 established an individual curriculum for science major. In individual plan includes a general curriculum for the entire period of study and work plan for years. It includes courses in three blocks: collective forms of training for all subjects (subjects of block A) Individual forms of training (courses of block C), PhD least (from block C).
Doctoral training in scientific specialty "Technology of Engineering Materials" held in Department "Materials Science and Technology" with their academic rank.