Electronics is one of the fastest developing high level technology areas that serves as a basis for many fields of applications and sciences. The students that complete the Bachelor or Master course of "Electronics" obtain a broad range of knowledge, skills and abilities that can be directly applied in maintenance, production and design of electronic components, circuits and systems for the needs of industrial, medical, power, computer and communication technologies.  

The department of "Electronics and microelectronics" maintains close relationship with many industrial and international academic partners. Scientific and applied research and development areas of the department include:

  •        Power electronics.
  •        Modern CAD systems and technologies for design of integrated and electronic circuitry.
  •        Embedded systems for control and diagnostics.
  •        Medical electronics for disease diagnostics, prevention and therapeutic treatment. 
  •        Modern sensor and measurement technologies.
  •        Renewable energy.

The students that take the bachelor and master course in electronics can use the facilities and equipment of the department that include: Laboratories equipped with up-to date measurement and laboratory equipment and devices; A broad range of specialized literature that covers the courses; A dedicated IEEE department library with a broad range of issues available.

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