Students of "Engineering Design" are  recently honored with the following important and prestigious awards:

  1. Project "My idea of beautiful Varna" - First Prize and the project of a graduate student majoring in "Engineering Design" Violeta Yovcheva and Veronica Nedeva
  2. Award from municipal company "City Market" for a graduate student from the project in "Engineering Design" Valentina Georgieva
  3. Competition "Twenty Wonders of Comfort" - First Prize for the student project specialty "Engineering Design" Maria Panayotova
  4. Photo Contest "Look at me!" First prize Silvia Angelova Georgieva, second prize Elena Svetoslavova Marinovska, three third prizes of Ina Ivanova Zheynova Victoria Palabuykova, Mesut Hasan
  5. Competition Company "MAUER locking systems" on "design lock" Electra "." 7 students from participating in "ID". Award winners: first, second and third prizes and implementation of projects in production
  6. Competition Design lab'11 - Company Electrolux - First Prize Plamen Zhekov

Current Contests

Last opportunity for participation in the fifth edition of the Jump the Gap International Contest for young designers

Jump the Gap is an international platform for young designers and architects. The aim of the contest is to provide possibility for artists from around the world to create today the bathroom of the future with no limits for new solutions, technologies and products.