Department Industrial Design

Department Industrial Design

History and development of specialty "Industrial Design"

The specialty of Industrial Design is a heir of the specialty Engineering Design. It was established in 1995. In 1997 the first undergraduates were officially enrolled in Engineering Design. Soon the specialty of Industrial Design has become one of the most desired specialties for the students applying to the Technical University of Varna.  The department offering specialized training for the specialty of Industrial Design is the Department of Industrial Design. Head of the  Department is Professor Plamen Bratanov Ph.D., elected in December 2007. The Deputy Head of the Department and in charge of the Academic Affairs is Assoc.Prof. Tzena Murzova Ph.D.

Professional Realization

The graduates from the specialty of Industrial Design holding a  Bachelor or Master’s degree are prepared to  perform high-design, design, creative, executive and managerial activities in the field of:

  • Design engineering, electrical and electronic products for industry, household products
  • Design of domestic electrical appliances
  • Graphic design and advertising
  • Interior and exterior design
  • Artistic design

In these areas of professional activities the bachelors and masters graduating from the specialty  of Industrial Design apply technological, economic, environmentally - friendly and ergonomic design approaches and methods.

University Facilities

The facilities are maintained and improved in order to be ensured the best conditions for training and research, in accordance with the specifics of the specialty of Industrial Design. The Department of Industrial Design has the required number of lecture halls and laboratories to ensure the quality of the learning process. The students take advantage of both the university facilities and equipment and that of the other departments, including the facilities of the Department of Industrial Design. In the recent years, the department of Industrial Design has built seven laboratories, three studios and three computer rooms. Students from both Bachelor and Master’s Degrees use them on a daily basis.