Guidelines for developing a thesis for students from "Industrial Design"

  1. Select a subject area to develop a thesis from the list;
  2. Directed to the appropriate supervisor and consultant to the technical documentation of the proposed lists
  3. Specifying a topic with the tutor
  4. Preparation of assignment signed by the student, supervisor, head of department "Industrial Design" Dean of Faculty's office - Mechanical Engineering Faculty room 223
  5. Develop textual part of thesis and  presentation and show it to the supervisor for corrections and comments
  6. Discuss thesis drawings of the selected consultant engineer. Each drawing must meet the established standards and be certified by the consultant.
  7. Submission of the final thesis to tutor who attest by his signature that thesis has been prepared within the time schedule / date 10 days before the examination date/ and has the proper volume and quality
  8. Deliver the thesis to the Head of Department "Industrial Design" and determining the reviewer
  9. Save for diploma /Secretary at Department "Industrial Design" Mrs. Hadjieva -503 Mechanical Engineering Faculty/
  10. Understanding the review /1 day before the exam /