Master's Degree in the specialty of Industrial Design

Course taught and duration

Completing the Master’s Degree in the specialty of Industrial Design is possible only for full-time  students who hold a Bachelor’s Degree  in Industrial Design(with  a course duration - 3 semesters) and for full-time students who hold a Bachelor or Master’s Degree  in any other specialty  (course duration - 4 semesters). The final procedure is a diploma project development. The training follows a curriculum approved by the Academic Council and syllabi which are in compliance with the latest developments in the field and the actual production problems and conditions. The structure of the training is based on a combination of scientific theory and specialized training, comprising the following courses: Current Concepts in Design, Strategic Marketing, Presentation Technology in Design, Technology Design Presentation - Project, Psychological Foundations of Design, Patent Law, etc.

Start of Classes

  • For bachelors in the other specialties the Master’s Degree course in Industrial Design starts in the fall semester of the respective academic year.
  • For graduates holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design the Master’s Degree course starts in the spring semester of the respective academic year.

Professional Realization

The graduates holding the Master’s Degree in Industrial Design gain a thorough training to carry out research, design, creative and management activities in the field of engineering design.