The education in the specialty “Communication Engineering and Technologies” comprises the following educational degrees: Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral.

To obtain a Bachelor’s degree and professional qualification communication engineer the students pass a 4 years course of study.

During the first two academicals years the students study wide range of fundamental and general technical subjects as: Higher mathematics, Physics; Theoretical electrical engineering, Programming and computer use; Economics; Foreign languages etc.

During the third and fourth years the students receive a specialized training in Communication, Engineering and Technologies studying the following basic educational courses as: Communication Circuits; Radio waves and radio lines, Antennas and Microwaves Engineering; Telecommunications Measurements; Radiocommunications Engineering; Digital Signal Processing; Optoelectronics and Optical communications; Mobile communications Systems etc.

After four years course the students with a very good and excellent result graduate with a State examination on specialty or with graduation work. For the rest students is the State examination is obliged.


The area of the professional realization is connected with development, production and exploitation of industrial products and systems for transmission and information processing in the sphere of radio and television, household and professional audio and video technics, optoelectronics and optical communication, mobile and personal radio communication, radiorelay and satellite communication, radio location and radio navigation, computer systems for data transfer, digital switching and transmission systems, communication networks, terminal communication devices, telecommunication networks, signaling devices and security in transportation and communication.


The best students have opportunity to continue their education for Master’s degree more 1,5 years. The first term is general training at higher level, during the second and third terms there is a specialization in one of the following two modules:

-         Radiocommunication and Video Engineering;

-         Telecommunication networks and systems.

The graduators can find the professional realization in all areas of the modern communications.

The Master in Communication Engineering and technologies can:

-         Define and develop technical projects as well to lead its realization in the area of specialty and other customer related areas.

-         To organize and to manage the production of communication technics and technologies as well as its elements; to control and to diagnostic the work of the communication systems and its elements.

-         To fulfill consultation and commercial activities related to communication technics and technologies.

For Master’s degree diploma holders who are interested in science research there is a possibility to improve their qualification and to develop and to defense doctorate thesis after three years study according individual plan.


Special training of the students in Communication Engineering and Technologies is guaranteed by the department. In the research laboratories the students can used PC in LAN and Internet as well as different measuring equipment.

The students also can use the rich library containing technical periodicals published by the IEEE and the University library.


     Full - Time

     Part - Time