Department "Communication Engineering and Technologies"

Head of the Department: Assoc. Prof. Nikolay Kostov Ph.D. (Eng.) – tel.: +359 52 383 367, office: 503Е
Secretary of the Department: Hristina Minkova Gancheva – Tel.: +359 52 383 517, office: 504Е


The Department is  in charge of specialized education in specialty Communication Engineering and Technologies for the degrees Bachelor and Master. The Department provides training in several subjects for the other specialties and modules at the Faculty of Electronics as well as other specialties at the Technical University – Varna. The Department has on its disposal laboratories equipped with modern measuring equipment in the field of communication and personal computers where the lecturers of the Department and the students performs educational activity and scientific research in the following directions:

Communication Chains;

- Radio waves and radio lines;

Analogue Circuit Engineering;

- Antennas and Microwaves Engineering;

- Measuring in Communication;

- Optoelectronics and Optical Communication;

Digital Transmission Systems;

- Signal Processing;

- Commutation and Multiplex Engineering;

- Radiocommunication Engineering;

- Terminal Devices;

- Television and Video Engineering;

- Data Transmission and Computer Communication;

- Audio Engineering;

- Telecommunication Networks;

- Radionavigation, Radiolocating

- Cable Communication Lines;

and Hydro Acoustic Engineering


Varna 9010, 1 Studentska Str.

Faculty of Electronics, Department of Communication Engineering and Technologies