Студентски клуб "Роботика и мехатроника"

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Robotics today is not just a subject of the sci-fi movies but a real matter of scientific and technical achievements. Robotic systems are working tirelessly in the industry, producing everything we use in our daily lives. Robots ensure the safety of people, replacing them in hazardous activities. Slowly the robots are coming in our homes too. For the creation of advanced robots one needs the joint efforts of specialists from various fields of science and technology: mechanics, electrics, electronics, informatics and automation. The combination of these scientific areas is called "Mechatronics". The desire of the students from the Technical University of Varna to learn and develop themselves in that field of knowledge led to the creation of Student Club "Robotics and Mechatronics". There the future engineers contribute to the development of this hi-tech area of research with undying enthusiasm and dedicated work.

assoc. prof. eng. Michael Scopchanov PhD