Department Ecology and Environmental Protection

Department "Ecology and Environmental protection"

Students in " Environmental protection and sea preservation technologies " graduate with diploma for a degree of "Bachelor" professional qualification "Engineer in environmental protection."  Training is 4 years full time and is completes with a state exam.

Fundamental and taught courses includes: Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering Graphics, Mechanics, Machine science, Chemistry, Electrical technique and electronics, Production systems and materials. Specialized training is mainly based on the study of the environmental components and technology for treatment of: air, water, soil, ecosystems and some of the factors that pollute or damage the environment; Different types of waste and their locations, hazardous energy sources and more. Elective courses include the study of measuring control equipment and automation in environment protection, industry and transport ecology, urban ecology etc.

It is emphasized on the marine transport and sea protection from pollution resulting from shipping.

Graduated Engineers in " Environmental protection and sea preservation technologies " can do career development in the field of protection of sea and environment:

- In various industries (energy, machinery, chemicals, light, food, etc..)

- In industries related to the Black Sea and the Danube, including shipping and ship repair, sea ports and maritime transport;

- in tourism industry;

- as specialists in the field of environmental problems - designers, technologists treatment facilities, operation of treatment plants, pollution control, as environmental consultants on actions to reduce pollution;

- In control - administrative bodies and other institutions related to the protection, restoration and regeneration of the environment and environmental organization (such as Hygienic epidemiologic institutions, the National Agency for the Environment, Water supply);

- in non-governmental organizations.

According to the National Classification of Occupations ‘2011 graduated students in “Equipment and technologies for the protection of the sea and environment" can practice the following professions: an ecologist, an analyst of air pollution, conservation expert environmental consultant, advisor, auditor, a researcher of environment, water quality analyst, engineer in control of  air quality, engineer in wastewater treatment, specialist in environmental restoration, technical safety engineer, specialist in repair and maintenance of wastewater treatment facilities.

Ecology and Environmental Protection department trains students at professional orientation "Transport, Shipping and Aviation", specialty “Environmental Protection and Sea Preservation Technologies (EPSPT)” in educational-qualification degrees: Bachelor and Master.
Department EEP provides PhD students training in scientific specialty "Systems and Devices for Environmental Protection." Since 2007, at the department are trained 12 PhD students (in full-time and part-time training).
Professional Realization 
Graduated students, Bachelors and Masters, with professional qualification “Sea and Environmental Protection Engineers” can find suitable professional realization as specialists on the issues of environmental protection: designers, treatment facilities technologists, operation of treatment plants, pollution control, and environmental consultants on pollutions’ reduction:
-    Wide variety of industrial sectors: energetics, machine building, chemical industry,   food processing industry;
-    Water management, maritime industry, shipping, water transport, environmental monitoring;
-    Tourism and eco-tourism;
-    Administrative and control bodies, institutions and agenesis, related to the conservation, restoration and regeneration of the environment and sustainable development on nation and regional level;
-    NGO’s
According to Bulgarian legislation, Sea and Environmental Protection Engineer with educational-qualification degree: Bachelor are qualified to practice professions like ecologist, air, water, soil pollution analyst, environmental consultant, advisor, auditor, analyst water quality control engineer air quality, engineer wastewater treatment specialist in environmental restoration, technical safety engineer, organizer repair and maintenance of treatment facilities and others.
• To implement the techniques and technologies to reduce the harmful effects of industry, energy, transport, agriculture and other anthropogenic on the environment components;
• To use the technical, scientific and bid documents and patents in the field of systems and equipment related to the protection of the sea environment;
• To manage the activities related to the protection of marine environment;
• Participate in the development of programs for sustainable development and environmental management;
• To monitor, analyze and evaluate the performance of the national and international monitoring system of environment and propose solutions at regional and national level;

• Participate in research and development activities in national and international programs;
• To train executives in the field of marine preservation and environmental protection;
Masters in specialty: Environmental Protection and Sea Preservation Technologies are fully recognized as environmental engineering, experts in environmental protection and conservation, researchers in ecology and environmental protection, tutors, managers.